Frequently Asked Questions

"First of all you have to decide for yourself:

  1. 1. Demographics of your target customers?
  2. 2. Mobile platform?
  3. 3. Budget of your application?

As per our experience says that the majority of Asian clients are go with Android platform & the European & American clients are go with iOS platform."

Yes, It will support in both devices, But as per your budget you want to develop it separately for both different devices, Then it's possible.

In general, Android and iOS take care of older functions - to keep your apps working after the release of any new OS. However, if a specific section of your entire application stops working, you should contact your development team to activate your application.

At helsy infotech, we do Sign an NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) to guarantee the security of your app idea.

Step 1. Solve customer's intent through Application

Step 2. Make sharp marketing strategies

Step 3. Decide budget of marketing

Step 4. Find the targeted audience of the customers

We have more than 80% of the clients are belonged to the non-technical background from last 8 years. We'll do try best to explain all of the tasks to you.

It depends on application features and functionality. But, you can get a free estimate and Technical guide today..

We divide the project into various parts of the module.

1. We finish any module.

2. Send it for client approval

3. We get client satisfaction & approval

4. After that client will release the payment of respective module

We have an in-house testing expert team. But we recommend our clients to test the app modules from their side. It's for client satisfaction.

Yes, We have appointed a Project leader on every single project. They are responsible to communicate with the client till the end of the project development.