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android development

Here, MyPrefs is your shared preference name.

You can perform operations like store, read, update, delete, clear, check whether data contains or not (using key).The following data types are supported by the SharedPreferences class:

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IOS development

what is any and anyobjec in swift?

Any is used for all types. Any allowed to work with a mix of different types including function and non-class types such as int. According to the elements in this array are structs are value types, AnyObject should not work in these cases.

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graphic designing

In this blog, you will learn the complete development process of UI/UX design..

Designs are important when creating a brand or any other thing to make it attractive. It sets you apart from the competition and helps you to create the emotions, feelings, and thoughts of users effectively.

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react native develpment

React Native is a Javascript framework for creating native applications for ios and android. React native also used for creating web applications. React native supports multi-platform solutions developed by Facebook that lets you build mobile apps using javascript language.