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SoftApp Application Management System

SoftApp Application Management System

SoftApp Company Management System (SoftApp) is developed by Softag Infotech generally used for managing IT Company perfectly and decrease type of barrier which is shown below. The main purpose of SoftApp is managing product based company, managing client-based company, and income- expense of company easy way at a very affordable cost.

As shown below problems and difficult to manage tasks is directly affect the company's revenue.

Using this app management system, it’s easy to resolve ad serving limit, Invalid traffic, ads not showing problem in monetization.

For demo or any query related income- expense, then feel free to contact us at +91 97979 29696 or info@softaginfotech.com

Highlights of SoftApp Application & Monetization Management System

With Mobile Application (Android & iOS Coming Soon)

Playstore Account Highlight…!!

Admob & Facebook Account Highlight…!!

Application & Monetization Highlight…!!

App Download & Active User Highlight…!!

Here, you can easily manage all enable-disable functions easily & analysis all downloads and active users related data in form of chart and table of particular app.

All Application Highlight…!!

Here, you can see all apps details with its total downloads so whenever you need all app details or want to manage anything, you can easily work with it.

Push Notification Highlight…!!

Here, you can send one signal notification into app easily without going anywhere and you can also use already send notification and delete notification list.

Very Useful Monetization Highlight…!!

Fix Sequence Ad Show Example…!!

(You can set sequence as per your need remotely)

Sequence: 1 (Admob, Facebook, StartApp, Unity)

Sequence: 2 (Facebook, Admob, StartApp, Unity)

Sequence: 3 (Facebook, Admob, Unity, StartApp)

Sequence: 4 (StartApp, Admob, Facebook, Unity)

Alternate Ad Show Example…!! (Ad platform is automatically change after decided click which is set remotely)

Very useful while increase and decrease ad remotely in case of platform block frequently or increase eCPM.

Application Setup Highlight…!!

Here, if you required JKS file application wise, then you can easily add details which is enable disable from settings.

If you want to take backup of source code and design file for future use then you can easily add which is enable disable from settings.

Monetization Setup Highlight…!!

Here, if you required JKS file application wise, then you can easily add details which is enable disable from settings.

Also use can decide how to show ad in your app either fix sequence or alternate platform.

Card, PC & Internet Highlight…!! (If you use same Card, PC or Internet again then it will warn you to use other)

Monetization Setup Highlight…!!

Monetization ID Setup Highlight…!!

Activity History Highlight…!!

Here, whatever you edit or perform any operation in system, it will be recorded.

Client Based Company Management System (Project Manager)

Bill Manager (Income- Expense of company)

Recent Problems in Product Based IT Company…!!

Generally, we manage all application and account-related data in an excel sheet. There are lots of problems to manage this data because of some limitations of human beings.

It’s very difficult to manage to monetize settings like
  • Enable or disable ads remotely in the app
  • Enable or disable test ad in debugging the app
  • Manage all ad id remotely
  • How to show the advertisement
It’s very difficult to manage to monetize settings like
  • In the fix sequence every time show a specific ad decided from remotely and if failed to display the first Ad then go for the next ad platform which we selected remotely.
It’s very difficult to manage to monetize settings like
  • In alternate ad show change platform every time after several clicks automatically. Click is also managed remotely.
  • Very hard to manage the setting of push notifications in every app. A lengthy process of sending notifications.
  • We must go to the Play store for getting download and active user-related data and every time open a play console is very critical for being a safe account.
  • We can’t get the exact report of those top-performing app and top performing console account.
  • Every time we need to check how many application is published, reject, remove, or suspend so it’s a tedious task
  • Very hard to manage application details as JKS file and its details, source code file, design file, various versions, etc.
  • Unsecure our most important server data (server response) which is used by other app developers.
  • Lost all the users due to the suspension application. We are unable to transform it into another app.
  • Every account has a different privacy policy, so it’s a boring task and many chances to make mistakes by the developer.
  • Users do not update the application while a new version has many new features.
  • Difficult to promote other account’s apps like more app in another app
  • Difficult to manage console account details like payment details, physical device details, used particular internet with the account, and use a card with the account.
  • So there are other lots of problem in our IT company like managing projects, clients, invoices, support tickets, staff leave, messaging, notice, team management, send quote/proposal/estimates, manage orders, manage customers, income expense of our company, etc…

For resolving all type of above problem, SoftApp is one and only one solution for all developers. Here below, we describe all the features of SoftApp Application Management System for better understanding.

Features List of SoftApp…!!

Attractive Dashboard

Manage app publish platform

  • Playstore
  • Appstore
  • Create custom platform
  • Create app in publish platform

Manage app monetization platform

  • Admob
  • Facebook
  • Unity
  • AppNext
  • StartApp
  • Create custom platform
  • Attach app with monetization platform
  • Enable disable platform

Account status manage (Monetization and Publish)

  • Active and suspend status
  • Total application account wise
  • Trash account
  • Pinned and unpinned account
  • Move account to trash
  • Restore account from trash

Manage application status

  • Publish on store
  • Not publish on store
  • Transfer to other account
  • Reject on store
  • Remove on store
  • Pinned and unpinned app
  • Suspend on store, Move app to trash, Restore app from trash

Security password(Profile password like banking)

  • Useful while performing critical operation for safety
  • Enable / disable from setting
  • Forget password

Account wise downloads and active users (Sorting and search and filter)

Download and active user chart (Last 90 days)

  • Package name wise
  • Account wise
  • Category wise
  • App name wise
  • Platform wise
  • App status wise (Publish/Reject/Not publish/Suspend etc.)

Top performance apps (Download and active users) (Last 30 days)

  • Date wise
  • Account wise
  • Category wise
  • Ascending and descending order

Top performance accounts (Last 30 days)

  • Date wise
  • Top 5 Apps with downloads and active users

Manage Ad from server

Ad showing option

  • Fix sequence ad show
  • Alternate ad show

Manage Ad click count

  • Set dashboard click count
  • Set other activity click count

Manage Ad id remotely (Create up to 5 id for each placement)

  • Make custom monetization (App id in Admob/App id not available in Facebook)
  • Banner
  • Interstitial
  • Native
  • Rewarded video
  • Live ad enable/disable
  • Test ad enable/disable (Admob and Facebook)

Admob/Facebook Ad ID Setup …!!

AppNext Ad ID Setup…!!

StartApp Ad ID Setup…!!

Secure web API

  • Make custom monetization (App id in Admob/App id not available in Facebook)
  • Secure response using key hash(SHA-1) and package name
  • Get hash from android app automatically
  • Assign hash to particular app for secure response
  • Multiple key hash(SHA-1) supported
  • Detected unauthorized response request

Manage design files and source files

  • Manage app design file and app source file its details
  • GEnable/disable option from setting
  • Download when you need in future

Push Notification

  • One signal integrated
  • Notification historyg
  • Reusable Notification templatee
  • Delete past notification
  • History of send notification

Notification Dashboard…!!

Notification Template…!!

More application selection

  • Enable disable option for showing more app
  • Add and remove app
  • Suspended app automatically remove from more app
  • Appwise more app selection

OTP verification settings

  • Set forgot password email either super admin or login user
  • Two step verification on or off
  • Two step verification email sent to either super admin or login userp

Redirect user from one app to another (In case of suspend)

  • Add new package name remotely
  • Show dialog message in app

Manage physical device, Internet and card information

  • Add new device, internet and card info
  • Update and delete device, internet and card info
  • Warning message in case already use with other account
  • Manage bank details

Manage JKS file and its details

  • Manage account wise JKS file and details
  • Manage app wise JKS file and details
  • Download and see details when you need in future
  • Enable/disable from setting(Account wise or App wise)

Manage version update dialog

  • Show multiple version update dialog
  • Option for disable update message for already updated app
  • Enable/disable version update remotely

Manage app categoryg

  • Create, edit and delete app category
  • Active and deactivate app category
  • Trash app category
  • Restore app category
  • TSearch app category

Manage privacy policy and remotely

  • Add and change URL

Compulsory internet and project setup

  • Enable/disable app open with internet or not remotely
  • Enable/disable project setup from setting
  • Database backup
  • Set own company name and logo from setting

Multiple user login

  • Add, delete and edit partner user
  • Active and deactivate user status
  • User role(Super admin, admin)
  • Reset Profile password and login password to registered email

Manage activity History

  • Manage activity history user wise
  • See activity history date and time range wise
  • Delete all or selected activity history by super admin


Application management system is also available in application very soon. But there are no time fix for launching app and its price.

Relax…!! Softag infotech not get any company’s application related or account related any data hiddenly. Softag Infotech is not calling any hidden API. So it’s very secure to use SoftApp system and become feel free.

There are three system software included in which Softag Infotech provides license and support of our product as SoftApp Company Management System only while other two system software as Client Based Company Management System(Project Manager) and Bill Manager is free for use and no need to get a separate license because of other author’s product.

As in terms of the license, we provide a lifetime non-renewable license with android app implementation demo (editable) and all managing system source code (not editable) with single-use.

If the user needs any extra customization features then it’s only available on our product SoftApp Company Management System and all features need to pay based on updating.

The installation support period is 15 days from the date of license purchase in a single domain and customer’s own server. Server charge, domain charge, and all other extra charges or expenses are not covered in this license fee.

If any issue or query related SoftApp Company Management System then fell free to contact us at +91 97979 29696 or info@softaginfotech.com .

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